What are the ten oldest cities in Africa?

The history of Africa is rich and diverse, characterised by the struggles and triumphs of different nations in their quest for independence. The list you provided showcases some of the countries that have played key roles in shaping the continent’s identity. Here’s a summary of the key points for each country:

  • Ethiopia: A jewel of East Africa, Ethiopia fought colonization and regained independence after a brief occupation by Italy between 1935 and 1941.
  • Liberia: On July 26, 1847, Liberia declared independence, rejecting injustices inflicted by the United States and providing a home for Africans who had fled there.
  • South Africa: The Union of South Africa formed on May 31, 1910, and later became a republic on May 31, 1961, breaking free from British rule.
  • Egypt: In 1922, Egypt proclaimed its independence, which was formalized by Great Britain on February 28, 1922.
  • Libya: Formerly an Italian colony, Libya proclaimed independence on December 24, 1951, ending collective management by France and Great Britain.
  • Sudan: Recognized as a sovereign state on January 1, 1956, Sudan put an ending to the Anglo-Egyptian condominium.
  • Morocco: After a challenging journey, Morocco achieved independence on March 2, 1956, region by region.
  • Tunisia: Led by Habib Bourguiba, Tunisia gained independence on March 20, 1956.
  • Ghana: Under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana became the first African country to free itself from British rule on March 6, 1957.
  • Guinea: On October 2, 1958, Guinea regained independence, affirming its historical identity after being part of colonial French West Africa.

This ranking not only echoes the diversity of African nations but also highlights the resilience and determination that contributed to their struggles for self-rule. Each historic milestone noted has left an unforgettable mark on the continent’s identity and has served as an inspiration for other nations in their pursuit of independence.

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