Who is Fethi Zouhair Nouri, new Governor of Central Bank of Tunisia?

The Central Bank of Tunisia is venturing into a new chapter with the designation of Fethi Zouhair Nouri as its governor, signalling a new direction for the financial institution amidst challenging national and global economic conditions. With a profession spanning several decades in the economic and financial sector, Nouri’s appointment is met with expectations for his deep expertise and comprehensive understanding of modern issues to steer the bank.

Born November 7, 1955, Nouri has been a prominent university professor since 1990, specializing in Micro and macroeconomics, Monetary Politics, Economic Policy, Major Contemporary Problems, and the energy market.

He gained his doctorate in economic sciences in 1987 from Paris 2 and the French Petroleum Institute, focusing on the Analysis of Petroleum Contracts. Nouri also holds master’s degrees in Energy Economics, Industrial Economy, and International Finance and Planning, highlighting his broad academic foundation.

Since June 2016, Nouri has served on the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Tunisia, playing a key role in shaping the country’s monetary policy over seven years. His term on the board highlights his dedication to Tunisia’s financial stability and his adeptness at making strategic decisions during critical times.

Nouri’s experience is additionally enriched through his membership in the Economic Analysis Council (CAE) since January 2013. Over 11 years, he has provided critical analysis and advice on various economic aspects, especially macroeconomic challenges and structural changes, contributing valuable insights to address emerging economic queries.

His academic contributions are equally remarkable. As a professor at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Tunis and ESSECT since January 1990, Nouri has imparted his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for economics to countless students, blending academic theory with the practical economic realities of Tunisia, particularly in the energy sector.

Further, Nouri’s roles as an economic advisor to the Financial Market Council (January 2013 – December 2015) and a member of the Tunisian Economic and Social Council (September 1994 – January 2011) have permitted him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Tunisian economy, considering its sectoral specificities and social development imperatives.

The welcoming of Fethi Zouhair Nouri as the head of the Central Bank of Tunisia is met with optimism. His various expertise and deep insights into the Tunisian economy and broader global challenges make him an exemplary leader to guide the institution through the complex economic landscape ahead. With high expectations set, Nouri’s leadership promises a period of stabilization and growth for Tunisia’s economy.


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