How to get compensated for damages caused by a power outage?


Regarding the incident related to the general power outage that occurred throughout the country last tuesday, lawyer Tarek Ben Salem explained to Tunisie Numérique that the individuals eligible for compensation from the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) in the event of damages are primarily those who have insurance coverage for such incidents.

Indeed, citizens who have taken out multi-risk insurance for their homes can be compensated in this case by filing a claim with their insurance company, which then liaises with STEG’s insurance.

Likewise, in the professional sector, businesses such as factories and companies that have insurance policies covering such incidents can also be compensated by their respective insurers, our speaker added.

However, this does not prevent even individuals who are not insured from seeking compensation for damages directly caused by a power outage, as STEG itself is insured and has a department dedicated to receiving such claims. An individual seeking compensation can still approach this department by providing documents such as invoices for damaged property and a report prepared by a bailiff that can attest to the direct link with this incident,” said Tarek Ben Salem, emphasizing that there is a chance they may be compensated by STEG.

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