Tunisia- Ahmed Nejib Chebbi calls for a presidential regime

Ahmed Nejib Chebbi announced today that the political regime has demonstrated its failure, pointing to the continuing disputes between the two heads of executive power. Without the resolution of the political crisis, it will be hard for the country to fight against the economic and even health crisis, he said.

Under the current political regime, the President of the Republic attempts to overcome the prerogatives bestowed on him by the constitution, even if it means obstructing the work of other state institutions. It is not enough to transform the electoral system, it is essential to rid the state of political parties, not by dissolving them but by altering the political system and acknowledging that the constitution of 2014 is no longer adapted to reality.

According to Chebbi, we must opt ​​for an American-style presidential system based on a distinct separation between the executive and the legislative branch.

In this regime, it is the President of the Republic, and not the political parties who choose the members of the government, he emphasised, proposing that a referendum be held so that the people can finally have their say in this subject.

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