Tunisia-[Audio]Hichem Ajbouni- A national dialogue cannot be based on a presidential decree

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, Democratic current member  Hichem Ajbouni stressed his party has constantly believed that political, economic and social reforms require broad consensus. The evidence is that donors are now declining to lend money to Tunisia before the state manages to reach agreements with employers and labour organizations, he revealed.

The Democratic Current has also called for a national dialogue, because unlike the legislature where Ennahdha has a majority, in dialogue each participant has only one voice.

Concerning the dialogue called for by the President of the Republic, the politician condemned the discrimination made by the Head of State between various age groups. He added that he still does not understand the mechanics that Kais Saied plans to exercise.

Emphasizing that the former President of the Republic Zine Abidine Ben Ali had already organized a dialogue with young people, Ajbouni said it was paradoxical that a national dialogue was based on a presidential decree.

In addition, the President of the Republic will plausibly choose participants who share his ideas and his way of viewing things, he added.

The politician also said that no significant reform has seen the light of day since the events of July 25, stating that Kais Saied has missed Tunisia a real chance. Tu

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