Tunisia-Barometer of popularity of the 3 presidents – Wave 19: the NO to the celebration of January 14 slows down the increasing popularity of Kaïs Saïed

Tunisia Survey, an expert in online surveys and digital studies, has just revealed the results of its popularity barometer for the 3 presidents. Its goal is to measure the satisfaction of Tunisian Internet users with the performance of the 3 presidents: Kaïs Saïed, Rached Ghannouchi and Najla Bouden Romdane.
Recall that for wave 18 of the barometer, respondents’ satisfaction with each of the three presidents was as follows:
  • For Kaïes Saïed 55% of respondents were satisfied with his performance;
  • For Najla Bouden Romdane 57% of respondents were satisfied with her performance;
  • For Rached Ghannouchi 9% of respondents were satisfied with his performance.

This 19th wave of the barometer comes almost a month after the former wave. The online survey occurred from January 6 to 24, 2022. The size of the total sample after screening are 2,860 respondents.

Statistical processing revealed the “braking” effect on the speed-up of Kaïs Saïed’s popularity. The renewed popularity of the President of the Republic was ceased on January 12, the date from which the trend was reversed, downwards.
Two sub-periods of studies with PIC effect have accordingly been recognised: from January 6 to 12 and from January 13 to January 24, 2022.

The NO to the celebration of January 14
As a reminder, the scientific committee for the fight against the coronavirus had suggested on January 12, 2022, the imposition of a curfew and the cancellation of gatherings, the application of measures relating to the vaccination pass and the lengthening of those applied at the level borders. The collective ”citizens against the coup d’etat” had made an appointment at avenue Habib Bourguiba to mark the anniversary of the Revolution of January 14, 2011 and to condemn, according to its supporters, the ”coup d’etat ” led by the President of the Republic Kaïs Saïed.
Rached Ghannouchi, invincible and unpopular
The house speaker of the frozen house of people’s representatives is, unsurprisingly, the complete and unbeatable record holder of unpopularity. During 19 successive waves and since March 2020, the popularity of Rached Ghannouchi has been incapable to do anything to change the situation and win back. He even manages during this wave to lose 02 points of popularity compared to wave 18. His unpopularity is uncontested.

For this 19th wave, 93% of respondents are dissatisfied with its performance.
Kaïes Saïed Increases in popularity despite a slight slowdown
The popularity of the President of the Republic earns 13 whole points of popularity during this wave. It, therefore, moves from 55% satisfaction during wave 18 to 68% satisfaction. A leap that could have been more remarkable if the NO to January 14 was not there! Indeed, until January 12, the popularity of Kaïes Saïed rose to 71% satisfaction, a jump of 16 points.
It was once the ban on all protests, including that of the January 14 celebration, was pronounced, given the health context, that the growth of Kaïs Saïed’s popularity was slowed down. From January 13 to 26, the latter went from 71% to 64% for the sub-period.
Najla Bouden Romdane is earning popularity less quickly than Kaïs Saïd
The rating of Najla Bouden Romdane is likewise encountering a resurgence in popularity. Indeed, the prime minister gains 07 points of popularity compared to wave 18. 64% of respondents are satisfied with its performance compared to 57% during wave 18.
Lack of trust, lack of a program and lack of experience remain the main reasons for dissatisfaction:
  • For Rached Ghannouchi: 84% of dissatisfied people are because they don’t trust him.
  • For Kaïs Saïed: 65% of dissatisfied people are because he has no program (sailing blindly ).


  • For Najla Bouden Romdane: 59% of respondents are dissatisfied because she has no political experience.

The full analysis can be ordered at www.tunisia-survey.com.

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