Tunisia-Ennahdha castigates the speech of President Saied

Ennahdha movement’s executive office issued on December 29, 2022, a press release on the sidelines of its periodic meeting chaired by Rached Ghannouchi and in which he returns to the major points of the news.

In this press release, the Ennahdha movement castigates the last speech of Kais Saied, believing that it advocates division, and incitement to hatred, and believing that these are threats against political adversaries and Tunisians that oppose the process of July 25, 2021. It also considers that Kais Saied’s words threaten social peace.

As such, Ennahdha held the head of state responsible for any surpassing, detention or violence in which the opponents could be the subject just like Ali Laârayedh case, whose release ut requests.

Ennahdha also denounces the continuous pressures exerted on the magistrates to subject them to the will of power while expressing solidarity with the judges unjustly revoked and those who have been accused of conspiracy against the security of the state and terrorism.

In addition, the Ennahdha movement believes that the 2023 finance law lacks economic vision and has restricted itself to raising the tax burden on the middle class and underprivileged. As it pinpoints the increase in the budget of the Presidency of the Republic of 20 million dinars to the expense of budgets related to sensitive sectors.

Finally, Ennahdha brings responsibility to the “putschist power” the worsening of social tensions and the economic slowdown, etc.

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