Tunisia-Exclusive: Libya distributes food aid to Tunisia (Video)

The head of communication at the Libyan embassy in Tunisia, Naim Acibi revealed that Libya has provided food aid (sugar, oil, rice, flour, etc.) to Tunisia.

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, he said that 96 trucks entered today carrying different food products through Ras Jedir crossing border and that the number of trucks will increase to 170.

Achibi stated that this initiative is part of the support of the Libyan state to the Tunisian government, in the face of the shortages that Tunisia has been encountering for some time.

To tell the truth, for several months, Tunisia has been confronted with a worrying shortage of basic necessities. In supermarkets, the price of products has skyrocketed, and rationing measures have even been put in place when the shelves are not simply empty.

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