Tunisia-Hatem Mziou predicts a record inflation rate of 20% in 2023

Bâtonnier of Lawyers Hatem Mziou confirmed, on the sidelines of the day of national anger, that professionals in the sector will continue to campaign to safeguard the interest of the country.

He assured that attorneys will always be alongside the Tunisian people and their demands while pointing to the decline of the political and socio-economic situation in Tunisia.

Mziou refused cascading legal proceedings recently engaged against lawyers and civil society activists under the decree-law n ° 54 relating to the combat offences relating to information and communication systems.

He also clarified that the increase in taxes, the inflation rate, the key rate and prices will be at the expense of any Tunisian citizen.

“The authorities provide an inflation rate of 10.5% or 11% in 2023. In reality, the real figure could attain 20%,” he said.

Hatem Mziou also returned to the initiative of national dialogue.

”Consultations have begun to develop not only political but also social and economic reforms. We respect political parties but they must improve their performance to recover the confidence of the people … This initiative has not been launched to oppose the current regime, moreover, the proposals will be transmitted to the President of the Republic … I have confidence in him, he will respond favourably to our suggestions, ”he revealed.

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