Tunisia – Kaïs Saïed is lagging behind … International opinions are worried

The coup conducted by Kaïs Saïed, on July 25, by appropriating executive power in Tunisia and freezing the parliament and above all the popular enthusiasm stirred by these decisions, shifted public opinion to its side. We also tip the international opinions concerned with anything that would be acclaimed by the people.
His work was accompanied by statements of interventions, which everyone assumed to be imminent, if not immediate. However, unfortunately, the series is long overdue. We are presently 48 hours from the first announcement, and still nothing. The people and the world are expecting. The Presidency of the Republic should understand that all this delay that is considered as a hesitation, is not viewed favourably, and could have other interpretations.
The international reactions which were, in the start, considerably favourable, are beginning to be more or less nuanced and stalled, even worried. Therefore, the first mistake that Kaïs Saïed was not having prepared his new prime minister.
In addition, the other mistake that risks weighing on both local and international responses is that of the promises of the first evening, in relationship with the launch of a wide operation against corruption and embezzlement, and the implementation of judgments affecting several personalities, or the activation of their trials, which eventually gave nothing, two days later. And it is the wait-and-see attitude on this promise that, above all, jeopardies being rather misinterpreted. Because in the eyes of everyone, if we do not carry out this cleanliness campaign, it is because of two things one:
Either we are negotiating under the table with the principal parties concerned by legal proceedings before starting the procedures, which risks being badly perceived when in reality there is no file available, and that public opinion has been misused against certain people.
Timing errors that the presidency should attempt to make up for, in order to recover its capital of sympathy which cannot resist the wait!

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