Tunisia-Moncef Marzouki again calls on the army to remove power from Kais Saied

In a media statement to Al Jazeera, former President of the Republic, Mohamed Moncef Marzouki called again on the armed and security forces to remove power from the current Head of State, Kais Saied and to give it to Parliament until new elections are held. He stated that Kais Saied has lost his legitimacy considering that if the latter will advance in his program which seeks to destroy the institutions of the State, the armed forces will undoubtedly align themselves on the side of the people.

The speaker confirmed that Kais Saied is supported by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in order to derail the Arab Spring experiment. He likewise condemned the attack against the President of the dissolved Parliament, Rached Ghannouchi, while expressing his complete solidarity with the deputies summoned by the terrorist brigade. Marzouki felt that Kais Saied’s speech incites violence expressing his worry that the country will degenerate into civil war because of him.

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