Tunisia-More than 25,000 absent for the 2nd dose, September 12, 2021

According to the latest numbers, published this Monday by the Ministry of Health, out of 34,905 people convoked on September 12, 2021, to receive the second dose, only 9,597 showed up in the various centres, that is to say, more than 25 thousand absences reported.

As of the same day, 64,671 people were called in for the first dose, however, only 23,223 were vaccinated. According to the Ministry of Health, from the start of the national vaccination campaign last March until the current September 12, 6,823,657 people received either a single dose (4,536,120) or two doses (2,287 537).


The number of people fully vaccinated has therefore evolved to 2,995,622 of whom 2,287,537 have received two doses, 320,753 have taken only one since the Johnson & Johnson vaccine does not need a booster and 387,332 have already contracted COVID-19 and only need one dose.

The number of people enrolled on the national vaccination platform against the coronavirus evax.tn amounted to 6,074,278 people.

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