Mr Kamel El Gribi:Aids and medications took off from Pisa military aiport toward Syria

Kamal El Gribi: We feel the duty to help, assist and lend a helping hand to the Syrian brothers. This process is possible thanks to the collaboration with the Foreign Ministry and the Italian Ministry of Defense. “We are a large group in the service of a large country”

Air force aircraft that will transport the humanitarian aid that the San Donato group decided to send to Syria took off this morning from Piza Military airport. The aid is composed of 4 ambulances, medicines, medical devices and clothes for a total of approximately 50,000 pieces, the Syrian Red Crescent will receive and distribute it.

In addition to the ambulances and goods required for help, the San Donato Group has likewise sent a qualified professional crew consisting of specialized physicians who will provide all necessary assistance to Syrian colleagues on the field and on the ground. This morning, the first team departed the Italian soil toward Syria to verify the type of aid required and will be immediately joined by other specialists who will be called up according to the list of needs that the Red Crescent will offer.

The process of sending materials was executed thanks to the collaboration between the San Donato Group and the Italian government and especially Foreign Minister Antonio Tajan and Defense Minister, Guido Crosetto, they have secured the required support and aircraft that permitted the transfer of materials.

In Pisa, the process of sending aid was attended by  San Donato group head Kamal El Ghribi and Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Itori Siki, a representative of Minister Antonio Tajani.

On the sidelines of this initiative, San Donato group head Kamal El Ghribi  declared:
The tragedy that befell on the people of Turkey and Syria has sparked pain and emotion around the world, and we, as the leading operator of private health care in a large country like Italy, have felt the duty to intervene by delivering our contribution.
We realize that the state of emergency cannot be made by anyone alone, and for this, we need to contribute to the largest possible number of public and private entities.

The ways in which collaboration with the government develops confirm that public and private partnership is the most effective way to achieve the goals of the public interest. This is why our point of view is the one of a large group in the service of a large country.

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