Tunisia-Night riots: An attempted coup against the President of the Republic according to Abir Moussi

Evoking the statements of the spokesperson of the Ministry of the Interior according to which most of the participators in the riots of the last three days are minors aged between 12 and 15 years, PDL leader Abir Moussi said that these are people paid to perpetrate acts of vandalism.

Affiliates with Islamist currents last night started calls to urge President Kais Saied to renounce his involvement in these violent protests in order to implicitly accuse him of being behind what has been happening in the country for the past three days, denounced Abir Moussi.


Rached Khiari even stated it was important to remove the “Tunisian Trump before it is too late” in an effort to pave the way for a possible withdrawal of confidence from Kais Saied’s, Moussi affirmed in a press conference at the parliament headquarters.


Only the Ennahdha Movement would have an interest in attacking the Head of State, according to Moussi, because in the event that Kais Saied is removed, Rached Ghannouchi will act in accordance with the constitution. Consequently, the Ennahdha party will be able to get rid of the latter by awarding him the post of President of the Republic and thereby a dignified exit.

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