Tunisia-Pasteur Institute denies having hired children to hunt scorpions and vipers

After the accusations launched against the Institut Pasteur in Tunis, by an organization working for the defence of the children of the Mediterranean, which alleged that there are several children of about ten years old who hunt, daily, under a blazing sun, vipers and scorpions, in the Tunisian desert on behalf of the Institut Pasteur.

The director general of the Institute has defended himself from these accusations, confirming that he has not bought scorpions or vipers for a year, after having broken the contract with a specialized company which was to provide him with these critters, for disregard of the specifications of this activity.

He added that he suspended the contract with this company for a year, and has not bought a single critter since and that this market is managed by quite strict specifications. And that he did not charge anyone, neither children nor adults to supply him with vipers and scorpions.


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