Tunisia-PDL files a complaint against members of the National Salvation Front

PDL declared that its collective defence has filed criminal complaints against leaders of the National Salvation Front and the former President of the Republic Moncef Marzouki.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the PDL clarifies that these complaints are brought against Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, Ridha Belhaj, Jawhar Ben Mbarek, Chaima Aissa, Moncef Marzouki and those who will be revealed by the investigation for membership of an adhesion of a cartel that includes people and parties in connection with terrorist crimes and providing a fundraising meeting place for this aim, in accordance with organic law n ° 2015-26 of August 7, 2015, linking to the fight against terrorism and the repression of money laundering ‘money.

In its declaration, the PDL underscores that the activities carried out by the National Salvation Front, despite the ambiguity of its legal status and the grouping within its elements implicated in terrorist cases, are part of the money laundering terrorist organizations.

The Party regrets seeing the Front presented by the media as a political training in the opposition, criticizing the protection of the wings of the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and the persistence under a new form system”destructive Arab Spring”.

The PDL put the full political and legal responsibility to the President of the Republic and his “illegitimate” governance as well as to the media regulation structures which, rather than applying the law, paved the way for the recycling of obscurantist forces and facilitated their anchoring in the media landscape.


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