Tunisia-Samir Dilou: I am against the mobilization of the street

Speaking to Diwan FM, Ennahdha MP Samir Dilou affirmed, this Tuesday, February 23, 2021, that he opposes the mobilization of the street, notwithstanding of the initiating party and regardless of reasons and issues. Therefore, Dilou estimated that taking  the streets, in the current conditions, will solely worsen the situation and rekindle tensions, emphasising that this method is not the solution, even if it is required basics.


“The demands of the base go through emotion, and it’s up to management to run. Things can only be solved through dialogue,” he said, adding  “What’s the point of showing that you’re the strongest? Referring to the people is done through the ballot box and not by mobilizing the street.

Personally, I won’t be there. I cannot do something, of which I am not convinced ”, he concluded.

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