Tunisia – Situation in Sfax turns to collective punishment… For what wrong?

The environmental situation in Sfax is shifting into a disaster. The governorate is crumbling under piles of waste. Household garbage is piling up on each street corner. The air is getting intolerable and the nuisance is beginning to show, Insects, rodents of all kinds swarm, and infectious diseases.


And the icing on the cake, SONEDE has decided to finish the punishment, by denying the Sfaxiens running water for three days (from yesterday Monday till Wednesday 10 p.m.). Great health risks are piling right now and importance should be given to personal hygiene.

In this disaster, the Sfaxiens are abandoned to their fate. The mayor and local authorities have admitted to being defeated and overwhelmed by the scale of the damage and the solution appears to come only from the central level. However, many days after the new government took office, no interest was given to the Sfaxiens.

These Sfaxiens are, after all, Tunisian citizens whom the head of state has vowed to protect from all those who plan to humiliate and make them suffer or to rob them of their rights. What is the administration waiting for, and what is the minister in charge of the file waiting for to comply with the president’s directives?.

The Sfaxiens and Tunisians are waiting and they are beginning to get a little fed up with the ideological wars and the attacks and counter-attacks on both sides. Tunisians desire to continue to live decently and with dignity. And if somewhere, we want to sanction the Sfaxiens, they should know, at least, for what wrong. Because the sanction only makes sense when the convict knows that he is wrong!

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