Tunisia- [Video]: Ennahda did not join forces with Heart of Tunisia,says Samir Dilou

Member of Ennahda and former Minister of human rights and transitional justice Samir Dilou adequately expressed his profound hope that the new government will be established within the statutory and constitutional deadline, adding that Ennahda‘s shura council has agreed to directives on conducting the negotiations.

He stressed enough that the Islamic party didn’t ally itself with Heart of Tunisia, revealing that what occurred at the House of People’s Representatives represent only a vote on names which resulted in appointing Rached Ghannouchi as speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) and Samira Chaouachi as First Vice-President.

In the same in contexthe revealed that the voting result is not shocking and whoever considers it as a betrayer is free to believe so.

Denying the party promise not to join forces with some political parties, he refuted baseless accusations that the Islamic party joined forces with Heart of Tunisia.


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