Tunisia-[Video]: spotlight on the 36th edition of the International Book Fair in Tunisia


The 36th edition of the Tunisian International Book Fair witnessed a massive influx of visitors of all ages and from all regions and this after a two-year break due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the ten days, students, accompanied by their parents or classmates, profited from attractive discounts on tales and educational books and board games.
 The gem of this edition
At the stand of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the centre was on the Tunis International Center for the Digital Cultural Economy. This centre is, in fact, an incubator for startups based on new technologies in the field of learning and culture devoted largely to young people.
New learning methods
Today’s young people are connected to new technologies and trends, traditional teaching methods no longer interest them! Many startups in the educational and cultural field have examined the question: “Thanks to an application, you scan the animal on the map, it appears in front of you, you can handle it as you wish, and consult its presentation”, revealed the small exhibitor Sarah Labidi of the Lisatoys company. “Our company, Alien Dimension is operating on improving learning methods through new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality. Thanks to a scanning application, these technologies enable you to see 3D objects such as the human body, animals or planets, in your true environment, ”said the founder of the company Oussema Ksontini.
“These are 3D puzzles made from certified wood, with a QR code. Once this code has been scanned with an application for this purpose or the phone’s camera, a direct link to the Facebook camera opens and you can view for example a Roman gladiator in 3D with all the data at the bottom of the amphitheatre of El Jem, approved by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, available in Arabic, French and English ”, said the exhibitor of the company EDUC ‘ART.
Tunisian e-books distributed all over the world:
The promotion of the Tunisian book takes a new turn, it is now digitized and distributed all over the globe by a Tunisian startup: Vegabook. “Vegabook is the first distributor of Tunisian digital books in the world, followed by the Tunis International Center for Cultural Economy (..) We deal with distributors and authors, we convert their books into digital versions and we distribute them all over the world through bookstores and global companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, ”said Vegabook Founder Aymen Draoui. “
We recently launched an application to sell Tunisian books in the local store, called Webookee, available on Playstore,” he added. Our interlocutor likewise revealed that the 37th edition of the International Book Fair in Tunisia is programmed for April 2022 and this is an chance for the curious to learn about the activities of these startups accompanied by the incubator of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs .

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