Tunisia-(Video)Contrary to its earlier positions: “Citizens Against Coup” initiative considers Tunisian security to be republican security and pays it a salute

 “Citizens Against the Coup” has consistently slammed security units, which it formerly described as a repressive apparatus and hostile to rights and freedoms.

However Today and contrary to its previous words, the same party underscored during a  protest in  Gabes that Tunisian security is a republican one and extended Greetings of thanks and salutations to them.

One of the organizers of the aforementioned demonstration said: “This security that we love.. this is the constitutionalised institution that we want. Today the security units have struggled to secure this movement. Thank you from the heart.”

In fact,  the security units in Gabes made a considerable effort despite the sensitiveness of the epidemiological situation and the congestion of the situation.. they succeeded in ensuring a protest organized by “citizens against the coup” to express their refusal of the policy of the President of the Republic, Kais Saied and the measures he took since July 25, 2021.

This protest was secured even though it was rejected by numerous citizens who protested against the initiative coup and Jawhar Ben Mubarak. The security forces stopped any clashes or attacks between the two parties.
 It appears that the professionalism of the security officials, their smooth handling of the situation, and their capacity to control the situation, drove the members of the movement to acknowledge that the Tunisian security is republican security, despite their intense criticism of the same security during its intervention to secure prior demonstrations they organized. 

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