Russian war against Ukraine: Present situation (Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia)



  • Ukraine has liberated villages in Bakhmut area, inflicting heavy losses on Russia’s occupation troops. Ukrainian defenders gradually move forward and break through lines of defence of Russia’s occupation forces in the south.
  • After enduring Ukraine’s pressure for three months, Russia’s occupation forces have lost the strategic initiative.
  • Ukraine is grateful to all its allies for their support and assistance in the fight against Russian aggression.




  • Ukraine will be hosting the first-ever Defence Industries Forum, where it plans to assemble hundreds of powerful global arms manufacturers.
  • The purpose of the Forum is to unite Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers in order to build joint long-term projects. Participants will create joint ventures, form alliances, sign contracts and discover new opportunities for mutual growth.
  • Ukraine effectively continues to fight the largest and most technological war since World War II. Ukraine has unique expertise and technology.




  • African states became hostages of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Russia’s intended termination of the Black Sea Grain Initiative caused the rise of food prices.
  • Russia is a colonialist in anti-colonial clothing. It exploits anti-colonial and anti-Western sentiments in Africa, while simultaneously waging colonial war against Ukraine.
  • Russia’s PMC Wagner Group is known for its rapes and extrajudicial executions of civilians in the CAR, war crimes in Ukraine, Syria and a number of other countries.
  • Russian robbers illegally extract Africa’s natural resources.
  • The establishment of Russia’s state-led propaganda channels like Russia Today and Sputnik in African countries threatens the information security and sovereignty of many nations.

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