Tunisia-Abdelkarim Harouni : Rached Ghannouchi is a leader like Hached and Habib Bourguiba

Speaking to Shems FM, chairman of the Shura council, Abdelkarim Haroun addressed the ongoing dispute in Ennadha on the nomination of Rached Ghannouchi for another term as head of the movement

Harouni said that Some desire to push towards a dispute with Rached Ghannouchi. Something that he strongly opposes. Others believe that retaining Rached Ghannouchi goes hand in hand with changing the rules of procedure and bypassing Congress. The initiative that I launched with Rafik Abdessalem aims to rebalance things, ”he said.

Criticizing the Hundred’s position, he said the group favoured ejection of Rached Ghannouchi from the party presidency without presenting any alternative to the role he could play after the election of a new president.

“We have worked, through our initiative, to obtain a resolution that supports the principle of rotation, which respects both the laws of the party, its Congress, its president and all of its leaders,” he said. asking for treating with respect and supporting Rached Ghannouchi through his status as a leader, “just like Farhat Hached, Habib Bourguiba or even Habib Achour”.

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