Tunisia – Article 163 or the coup of grace that Kaïs Saïed has in his pocket

Article 80 of the constitution has not ceased making people talking, and has not stopped panicking those who wrote it, another article that risk having the effect of a coup of grace, or even, a blow of Karcher, to clean everything. Article 80 made it feasible to destabilize the whole system put in place by the Islamists and their Troika acolytes and enabled Kaïs Saïed to turn the weapon against those who made it.

This article may well be created and written by the Nahdhaouis to their size and riddled with pitfalls to shield them from “bad surprises”. However, those who wrote it failed to understand that they were no match for the very one who taught them the trade and constitutional law. Totally baffled, the Islamists no longer know where to turn and what to do to counter Kaïs Saïed in this action.

While they started to hope again, believing, in the face of Kaïs Saïed’s hesitation, that he had no more resources to fight them, didn’t they begin to hear about another article? , of another law, which jeopardises being fatal to them. They remembered article 163 of the electoral code. This article could not be clearer. It stipulates that all elected members of a voters list who have acquired foreign funding for their campaign are, automatically, removed from parliament.

This means that if Kaïs Saïed takes out this article and implements it to the report of the court of auditors which concluded that foreign funding had been obtained by the electoral lists of Ennahdha, 9alb Tounes and Ïch Tounsi, all members of these parties, which are in the shadow of 80, will be eliminated. And, abruptly, the parliament will be automatically dissolved. And, therefore, all these beautiful people will have to pack up and leave the parliament.

And it is not over, this is only the beginning of the festivities, because, this same article 163 stipulates, furthermore, that these elected officials implicated in receiving foreign funding, must be forbidden from running in the following elections.


So… Checkmate!

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