Tunisia – Choice of the head of government: Saïed’s heart swings between confidence and competence

According to sources close to the palace of Carthage, the President of the Republic is about to declare the name of the next prime minister. This announcement would be programmed for sometime next week.
But the same sources confirmed to Tunisie Numerique, that the head of the state is still hesitating in his choice, between two imperatives. The imperative to pick a person he can trust, whom he can count on, with his eyes closed, to lead his reformation and sanitation project. An imperative inflicted by his past experiences in the choice of heads of government that he has failed to keep in his lap and the second imperative is to choose a skill that needs to be economic recognized and reliable at the international level.
This last imperative comes from the emphasis of the donor countries and the backers, who demand, in order to be able to proceed to support, financially, Tunisia, to be able to compose with an economic competence, which will know how to reassure them in regards of the use of their funds.
According to the same sources, the four principal-people who appear at the top of the list of nominees are Nadia Akacha and Taoufik Charfeddine who fitly meet the requirement of trust, and Marouene Abassi and Hakim Ben Hammouda, who respond to the expectations of the country’s economic partners.

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