Tunisia-Douz: “CAMP Abdelmoula” honored by the visit of Mohamed Moez Belhassine (photos)

On the occasion of the opening of “CAMP Abdelmoula” in Tembaine Douz, the Minister of Tourism Mohamed Moez Belhassine paid a visit on December 23, 2021, where he was capable to discover the attractiveness of the region, the delicious south dishes and the charm of the starry sky of the Tunisian desert.
This is an essential visit that is part of the development of the tourism sector in all regions and to pay particular attention to sustainable alternative tourism as well as the diversification of tourism activity. In fact, the promotion of Saharan tourism to foreign nations remains one of the primary concerns of the tourism department. This is a major challenge for a country that is in the process of rebuilding itself and beginning to revive in all sectors, like tourism.

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