Tunisia-Iyadh Elloumi returns to the reasons for his resignation from Qalb Tounes

MP Iyadh Elloumi announced today that his departure from Qalb Tounes was not a choice and that he was pressed to leave the party.

“I have been designated by Mr Nabil Karoui to the post of president of the political bureau, but this post was only formal,” he added.

Iyadh Elloumi stated he disagreed with the rest of the “leadership team” on “the entire support of the current government.”

He evoked that the party had reached deals with the government, in particular regarding the complementary finance law and the establishment of a plan for the lifting of subsidies, however, the government has not honoured its commitments.

According to Elloumi, prime minister Hichem Mechichi would regard his political supporters as voting machines, believing that Qalb Tounes made this task easier for him.

He accentuated, nonetheless, that he is still against “the destruction of state institutions,” adding that his position on Kais Saied remains unchanged.

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