Tunisia -( Video): Reaction of Tunisians to the increase in the prices of some products

During a vox pop, Tunisie Numerique headed to meet the Tunisian consumer to evaluate his opinion and response to the latest price rises that touched several consumer products.

Tunisians were united in denouncing these increases, stating that long before these latest increases, Tunisian consumers could no longer afford for their families.

Some have discovered that these increases were misplaced in terms of timing, since they happen against the backdrop of an economic and social crisis, after the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left a good proportion of Tunisians in poverty, following the loss of their source of revenue.

Others have confirmed that if these price increases are not accompanied by resolutions to improve the purchasing power of the Tunisian, they will, unavoidably, lead to a social explosion.

Some have come to deplore the revolution, ensuring that they do not need the freedom gained if it is accompanied by hunger and misery, favouring living under a dictatorship. They accuse donors of being behind the price hike, by forcing provisions that the state can only enforce.

One of the citizens interviewed confirmed that a Tunisian needs to be able to live on, at least, 2,500 TD of monthly salary.

Another accused the citizen of being at the origin of this situation, with his electoral votes, when he elected members of Parliament whom he called as thieves, who robbed the country.

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