Tunisia – War in Gaza: Demonstration in front of U.S embassy in Tunis

Participants in the protest organized today Sunday in front of the American Embassy in Tunisia, by the Tunisian Network for the Fight against the Normalization System, called for an ending to the genocide in the Gaza Strip and the severance of ties with the United States of America being “the main aggressor against the Palestinians”.

During this 19th demonstration organized by the Network, since October 18, 2023, the protestors chanted several slogans, the most significant of which were “Breaking the siege is a duty”, and “Palestine is Arab, there is no alternative to firearms”. fire”, and “Resistance is the duty of every Arab and Muslim”, brandishing the flags of Palestine and Tunisia.

A member of the Network underscored to TAP that “pressure on the United States of America has become a duty for Arabs and Muslims to put an end to this attack, to open the Rafah crossing and to provide their support for the Palestinian people. He recalled that America had used its “veto” five times to overturn a resolution adopted unanimously by the nations of the world to end the fighting or establish a humanitarian truce in Gaza.

He underlined that this demonstration aims to enlighten public opinion on the reality of the United States of America and its involvement in the war against Gaza, stressing that what American pilot Aaron Bushnell did on February 25, 2024, in s setting himself on fire in front of the headquarters of the Israeli embassy in Washington to protest against… Israeli crimes reveal American prejudices in favour of the Zionist entity

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